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Find The Unique Place God Has For You


God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. (1 Peter 4:10 NLT)


It’s amazing how much talent exists within the House of God! Utilizing our talents for His glory is very rewarding and fulfilling. Preaching from the pulpit is not the only way we can spread God’s message of love, hope and kindness. In fact, there’s so much more you can offer—in so many ways!

At New Creation Worship Center (NCWC), we train everyone to be someone for the Kingdom of God. We invite you to consider your interests and strengths, then take a look at our church’s ministries and teams to determine what may appeal to you. You’ll be surprised to learn where your talents may have the greatest impact. After all, it’s gonna take teamwork to bring the vision to fruition. So, find the unique place God has for you in any of these dynamic areas:

Your Gift or Talent,Your Ministry
Helping young people,Youth Ministry Team
Creating dynamic PowerPoint presentations,Marketing Communications Team (Projectionist)
IT wiz — love technology,Marketing Communications Team
Enjoy giving hugs and sharing big smiles,Ushers & Greeters Ministry
Praying,Prayer & Intercession Ministry
Great ear for sound,Audio & Video Ministry
Public speaking,Marketing Communications Team (Announcements)
Entrepreneurial interests,Business Ministry
Passionate about sharing God’s word,Discovery Hour
Enjoy lifting your voice in praise,Praise & Worship Team
Playing an instrument,Praise & Worship Team
Expressing your praise and worship in dance,Dance Ministry
Expressing your praise and worship in mime,Mime Ministry
Web and social media savvy,Marketing Communications Team
Advertising/Writing/Drawing/Design,Marketing Communications Team
Love acting or performing,Worship & Performing Arts Ministry
Video production,Audio & Video Ministry
Assisting those less fortunate,Outreach Ministry
Maintaining order and balance,Protocol Ministry
Developing God-fearing men,Men’s Ministry
Enhancing and developing women,Women’s Ministry
Strategic planning and Event management,Marketing Communications Team

As you can see, it takes a lot of skills and talents to mobilize a church—from a vision to manifestation. If you don’t see an area of interest, please feel free to share it with our Leadership. We’re certain we’ll find a unique place just for you!

For more information about how you can volunteer, please contact us at +1 441 296 5054 or [email protected]